Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the FAQ. This page has answers to some common questions.
I'm short on time. Give me a quick 1-2-3.

Alright, here's how this works.
Step 1: Install our chrome extension.
Step 2: Check visa slots as you normally do.
Step 3: Our website is updated with the latest availability.

What's the the need for this website?

Getting an appointment slot for a visa interview is a pain. Like everyone else, you may want to book an appointment as soon as possible but when you login to the appointment portal the earliest date you see is a year or two away. To add to the pain, you can only check the appointment portal a few times a day, after which you risk placing a temporary hold on your account.

Okay, so how do I get a slot sooner?

Early appointments are released periodically, and the only way to get an appointment sooner is to book a slot as soon as it is released. Since you only get a few attempts to check the appointment website, the only solution is to divide and conquer.

But I already know that!

You may be a part of Telegram / WhatsApp groups that periodically keep track of appointment slots. You may also have been in touch with a visa agent. But WhatsApp / Telegram groups are cumbersome and full of spam, whereas Visa agents charge you a hefty fees with little to no guarantees. This website is an attempt to address those issues.

Alright, tell me how this works.

This website runs on user contributions. Once you install our extension, everytime you log in to the appointment portal, the latest slot details will be instantly updated on our website. So the next time you feel like logging in to the appointment portal, you can check the latest availability on our website and save your precious logins.

Do I really have to install the extension?

Although you can check the latest availability on our website without the extension, we encourage you to install our extension. As an incentive to our contributing users, features such as historic availability are only available to users with our extension.

I'm not convinced. Why should I contribute?

Think of this like a lottery. Except this is even better since the ticket is free and everyone gets the prize. How does that sound?

I'm on a mobile device. How do I use the extension?

Android users can install our extension through Kiwi Browser. Unfortunately, we do not have an extension for Apple users yet.

What data do you collect?

Apart from collecting the latest slot availability, our extension identifies your contributions through your email. It does NOT store your passwords and does NOT perform any action (like booking or cancelling a slot) on your behalf.

Can you book a slot for me?

No. This website merely keeps track of the latest visa slots. Booking a slot has to be done by you.

How do I know if this website works for real?

The best way is to try it out yourself. Please install our extension and check visa slots as you normally would. Then come back to check our website and you should see that the latest slot availability has been instantly updated to what you just saw.

How often does this website get updated?

As soon as one of our users makes a contribution, our website gets updated instantly. Being a crowdsourced platform, we run through user contributions. So the more people use our extension, the more frequent our updates will be.

Why do I see two locations with the same name?

The location suffixed with VAC is the biometric appointment whereas the one with CONSULAR is the consular appointment. For example, MUMBAI VAC is where biometrics take place, whereas MUMBAI CONSULAR is where the interview will take place.

Why am I seeing outdated information?

This website runs on crowdsourced user contributions, and there may have been a long time since we received an update from one of our users. Please install our chrome extension if you haven't, and check visa slots as you normally would.

Are you related to any government institution?

No. We are a community based platform and we are in no way related to any official entity that processes visas.

Are there any guarantees on the data provided by this website?

No. The data presented on this platform is collected through our users and is provided to you on a best-effort basis. As such, we cannot provide any guarantees. If you choose to use this information, we can not be held liable for any losses that you may occur.

If you have more questions, please direct them to [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you.